The best job in the world? - messing about with animals and a camera, and then pleasing owners with something beautiful to remember their best friend with.  I LOVE seeing my clients' faces beam with delight once their images are revealed to them, and again, when presented in gorgeous wall art or albums. 

I've grown up with dogs, cats and horses in southern Alberta and have had a lifelong love of photography.  You can find me roaming the Toronto ravines and parks two hours a day with our German Shorthaired Pointer, Hunter. You'll see him throughout these pages: he is my enthusiastic studio dog and oblivious outdoor muse.  In between epic ravine walks, I'm either learning more about photography, planning the next trip, or hanging with my talented daughters and husband.


"We have to say goodbye to our dog in a few weeks and want to have one beautiful portrait to remember him by."

Comments like this help me realise this creative venture is not only fun, but also truly important for those who need a cherished remembrance of their friend.

Thank you for trusting me to create a portrait of your pet, whether it's a brand new addition to your family or you're preparing to say goodbye.


Why Pet Photography?

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