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Studio dog portraits are a beautiful way to capture the essence of an animal without distraction. The true beauty of that creature is front and centre with all the little details of fur, eyes, mood, and personality. It’s a truly special way to capture your dog’s image and something is not easily done by yourself. […]

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Studio Dog Portraits

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Spring travel plans scuttled because of coronavirus? Me too, but if that is the worst we suffer in this calamity, we are so very fortunate. Late in February/early March, things were feeling pretty scary and getting on a plane seemed like a very bad idea. I suspected the three spring trips I’d planned were not […]

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What a strange world we’ve all entered. Many of us are now shifting into week two of work from home, and that presents some new challenges for pet owners. I hope you are well and coping. Here are some helpful links to help you keep your dogs happy and occupied. If you are truly having […]

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Your Dog in the Age of Covid 19

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We met with eight-month-old Ruby late this past fall in Toronto for her dog portrait session. Ruby is a long, gangly, cheerful Irish Setter pup. She’s such a beauty! The golden light of early evening showed off her shiny mahogany coat. Short Studio Session Later, Ruby came for a visit to the Soul Puppy studio […]

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Fall Dog Portraits in Toronto

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Nov 2019 we’ve had a dump of snow that has stayed and is now turning into slippery, icy conditions that make walking in parks and ravines a hazard. Last year was a particularly icy winter. I know a few people who took serious tumbles and sustained injuries. The freeze – thaw – freeze – rain […]

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Perennial ice hazard in Toronto

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Friendly kitty, Dizzy of Draper Street, has inspired a new Promenade. The walkway between King and Wellington will feature cats and mice, echoing the Berczy Park Fountain, and is designed by the same architect, Claude Cormier. Funny how that came full circle. We bumped into Dizzy during a pet photography session and he kindly posed for a […]

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Dizzy’s Promenade

A fat orange and white cat poses on the sidewalk of historic Draper Street, Toronto
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The Berczy Park Fountain, designed by Montreal’s Claude Cormier officially opens June 28th.  I paid a quick visit to see this whimsical fountain on Wellington.  Most of the construction fences are down now. Perhaps not everyone will appreciate the fountain’s almost disney-esque aesthetic, but it definitely brings smiles of delight as most people enter the […]

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Berczy Park Fountain: Public Art Going to the Dogs

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It’s the muddy season. An active dog running outdoors can wreak havoc with a clean home. But when it’s really cold out, the cold water that comes from an outdoor tap is extremely uncomfortable for dogs and humans alike. Solution? A warm water garden tap!  This is an investment, but I can tell you it […]

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Warm Water Garden Tap for Muddy Dogs

Comfort: warm water washing over muddy rubber boots.
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It’s really hard to think about dog coats when the weather is so spectacular.  As I write in this first weekend of November, the temperature is a glorious +16.   What an amazing fall season we’ve had here in Toronto.  HOWEVER, we know IT is coming.  We just rolled the clocks back to “DARK”, after all.   […]

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Coats and Boots for City Dogs

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