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Spring travel plans scuttled because of coronavirus? Me too, but if that is the worst we suffer in this calamity, we are so very fortunate. Late in February/early March, things were feeling pretty scary and getting on a plane seemed like a very bad idea. I suspected the three spring trips I’d planned were not […]

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Friendly kitty, Dizzy of Draper Street, has inspired a new Promenade. The walkway between King and Wellington will feature cats and mice, echoing the Berczy Park Fountain, and is designed by the same architect, Claude Cormier. Funny how that came full circle. We bumped into Dizzy during a pet photography session and he kindly posed for a […]

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Dizzy’s Promenade

A fat orange and white cat poses on the sidewalk of historic Draper Street, Toronto
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The Berczy Park Fountain, designed by Montreal’s Claude Cormier officially opens June 28th.  I paid a quick visit to see this whimsical fountain on Wellington.  Most of the construction fences are down now. Perhaps not everyone will appreciate the fountain’s almost disney-esque aesthetic, but it definitely brings smiles of delight as most people enter the […]

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Berczy Park Fountain: Public Art Going to the Dogs

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In rural Ontario this morning, we stopped at a local restaurant and found a Toronto Star open to an article about a unique street in downtown Toronto: Draper Street. You may already know that little street located near Spadina and Front, and if you do, you know what a special place it is. I had the […]

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Dizzy of Draper Street

A fat orange and white cat poses on the sidewalk of historic Draper Street, Toronto
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  I’m wayyyy behind in blogging.   Let’s start with this:  if you’ve been following on Facebook you’ll know that in April, I secured accreditation for Canine Photography with the Professional Photographers of Canada . I can’t say that it was easy (which is a good thing) but the process was fun, interesting and educational.  It makes […]



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